About Me and Contact

Victoria Holmes SRD MSc BSc

Highly specialised Paediatric Dietitian with almost 15 years experience

I am currently and have worked at the large children’s hospitals in the UK. .



BSC Food, Nutrition and Health

MSc Nutrition and Dietetics

Fully HCPC registered (www.hcpc-uk.org)

BDA member (www.bda.uk.com)

Freelance Dietitians member (www.freelancedietitians.org)

Paediatric Specialist Group member (https://www.bda.uk.com/regionsgroups/groups/paediatric/home)

Food Allergy Group member https://www.bda.uk.com/regionsgroups/groups/foodallergy/home)

Paediatric Autism Group member

BUPA registered



Victoria Holmes SRD MSc BSc

Telephone Number: 07940522197


Location: Bramhall, Cheshire



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FoodAllergy LOGO    logo@2x


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